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General Service Areas

Alabama / NW Florida (1)

It is the intention of this website to offer services to those who need information regarding Alcoholics Anonymous with in Area 1.

Alaska (2)

The purpose of the Area 02 Website is to provide a resource on the internet where the members of Alcoholics Anonymous, the general public, and the professional community can get information about the activities and business pertaining to the Alaska Area Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alberta and NW territories area (78)

Alberta/NW territories area 78

Area 93 California Central California

Central California Area 93 Assembly, including area info, events, reports, district info.

Arizona (03)

Statewide meeting lists and information on the activities and business pertaining to the Arizona Area (03) of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Arkansas (4)

This Web Site was created to facilitate the exchange of information about Arkansas Area Assembly activities by making this web site available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

British Columbia / Yukon (79)

Meeting lists, events calendar, committee reports.

California / California Northern Coastal (06)

Area 06 is a link in the chain of communication between the groups it serves and the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous. Geographically, CNCA encompasses 21,427 square miles of coastal counties, bordered on the north by Oregon and on the south by San Luis Obispo County. CNCA serves over 51,000 AA members in 22 Districts. There are 23 Central Offices/Intergroups within CNCA boundaries, 6 of which serve groups with Spanish-speaking members

California / Mid-Southern (09)

Information about the California Mid-Southern Area of AA.

California / Northern Interior (7)

California Northern Interior Area (CNIA) is one of six A.A. General Service Areas in California and extends from the Oregon border in the inland valleys south to Kings and Tulare Counties. CNIA contains 27 active Districts including three Spanish Language Districts. In many cases a District covers one county; however, some Districts include two or three counties. In some counties, there are more than one District, such as Sacramento County which has five Districts; Fresno County, three Districts; and San Joaquin County, two Districts. As of December 2007, there are about 807 registered groups, of which 264 are active unknown (no GSR/contact) and 38 are inactive/disbanded.

California / San Diego (8)

Meetings, events in the San Diego/Imperial Area Assembly.

California/Southern California (Area 05)

Southern California Area (5) Assembly. Contacts, calendar, minutes, archives.

Colorado (10)

Meeting directory, general information.

Connecticut (11)

Gateway to meeting lists and answering services throughout the state. Also, area events notices.

Delaware (12)

This Web-site is intended to serve as a resource for information for A.A. members, as well as for those who have a problem with alcohol.

District of Columbia (13)

The Washington Area General Service Assembly (WAGSA) includes the District of Columbia, the adjoining Montgomery and Prince George's counties in Maryland, and the Hispanic Groups in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. We hope to provide accurate information about AA; to encourage participation of members, groups, and committees in AA service and events in Area 13 and the Northeast Region; and to provide a link to the Area 13 meetings schedule maintained by our Central Office, The Washington Area Intergroup Association (WAIA).

Florida / North Florida (14)

Official Web Site of the North Florida Area Assembly, Area 14. Contains information regarding the North Florida Area Assembly and links to the Intergroup Districts in the North Florida Area, from Kissimmee North to the Georgia border.

Florida / Oficina Intergrupal Hispana

Florida Central Spanish Intergroup

Florida / South Florida (15)

Serving South Florida, Bahamas, Virgin Islands Antigua and St. Maarten.

Georgia Area (16)

Statewide meeting lists and events for the State of Georgia.

Hawaii (17)

The Hawaii Area web site ( is a Public Information tool of the Hawaii Area of Alcoholics Anonymous (Area 17).

Idaho (18)

Idaho Area 18 Alcoholics Anonymous . A resource for information on Area and local service and fellowship events and meeting schedules for A.A. members within Area 18.

Illinois / Chicago (19)

Chicago Area service calendar.

Illinois / Northern Illinois (20)

Reports, events, committees, area guidelines, GSR handbook in PDF format, and more.

Illinois / Southern Illinois (21)

Upcoming events, district links, contact information

Indiana / Northern (22)

Welcome to the website for Area 22 Indiana of Alcoholics Anonymous. Its purpose is to provide information for the Area’s Districts, Groups, fellow A.A. members, professional community, and the general public. This site is also meant to support our Area service work and to encourage participation in the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Indiana / Southern (23)

Meetings, general information.

Iowa (24)

Iowa Area 24 web site, including statewide meeting list, web site guidelines, and events.

Kansas Area 25

The official site of AREA 25 which is the state of Kansas. Meeting list, calendar,contacts, etc for Kansas.

Kentucky (26)

Meetings, events, reports, committee pages.

Maine (29)

meetings, GSR workbook, resources

Manitoba Area (80)

Maintained by the Area 80, Manitoba East Public Information - Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI-CPC) Committee.

Maryland (29)

General Service web site of Maryland Area (29).

Massachusetts / Eastern Massachusetts (30)

General Service web site for Eastern Massachusetts Area (30)

Michigan / Central Michigan (32)

Central Michigan Area 32 Area web site.

Michigan / Southeast Michigan (33)

Official Web Site of General Services of Southeast Michigan - Area 33. General Info. District & Committee Info. Meeting Directory. Calendar of Events...

Michigan / Western Michigan (34)

Western Michigan Area 34 Assembly web site.

Minnesota / Northern Minnesota (35)

Meeting schedules and contact information for all of Area 35 (covers all of Northern Minnesota).

Minnesota / Southern Minnesota (36)

Committee and meeting info. Hosted on the Minneapolis and Suburban Intergroup Association web site.

Mississippi (37)

Meetings by city, announcements, and district links.

Missouri / Eastern Missouri (38)

Area newsletter, reports, committees, links.

Missouri / Western Missouri (39)

"The purpose of this site is to support our area service workers and to encourage participation in the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous."

Montana (40)

Montana Area (40) web site. News and events and a statewide meeting list.

Nebraska (41)

Meeting information, area calendar and agenda, online new group and group change forms.

Nevada (42) and eastern California

Meetings, general services of area 42.

New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (81)

General Service web site for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Canada.

New Hampshire (43)

The New Hampshire Area Assembly, Area 48. Statewide meeting lists and AA info.

New Jersey / Northern New Jersey (44)

Northern New Jersey General Service Area 44. Calendar, District meetings, events.

New Jersey / Southern New Jersey (45)

Southern New Jersey Area 45 news, events, structure, and Intergroup telephone numbers

New Mexico (46)

The New Mexico Area Assembly is the service organization for the sixteen service districts of Alcoholics Anonymous in New Mexico.

New York / Central (47)

Central New York meeting listings, intergroups, etc.

New York / Hudson-Mowhawk-Berkshire (48)

Extensive meeting lists with maps for Upstate New York (northeastern NY). Links to AA in other areas of New York

New York / South Eastern NY (49)

South Eastern New York Area 49 committee and event info, as well as info for GSRs

New York / Western (50)

The Area 50 Web Site is an online Public Information presence for the Area Assembly.

North Carolina (51)

Area 51 is one of 93 areas in the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous (United States/Canada). Our boundaries coincide with the state of North Carolina.

North Dakota (52)

Statewide meeting lists.

Nova Scotia / Nfld / Lab Area 82

Nova Scotia/Nfld/Lab Area 82

Ohio / Central Southeast (53)

General information, calendar, archives for the Central Southeast Ohio Area.

Ohio / Northeast Ohio (54)

Meeting links, general AA information, events, some fun stuff, too.

Ohio / Northwestern Ohio & Southwestern Michigan (55)

The latest meeting schedule information for Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.

Ohio / Southwest (56)

Welcome to Southwest Ohio Area 56 Alcoholics Anonymous

Oklahoma (57)

Oklahoma Area site. Service information

Ontario / Eastern (83)

Eastern Ontario area 83

Ontario / Northeast (84)

Northeast Ontario area 84

Ontario / Northwest (85)

Northwest Ontario area 85

Ontario / Western (86)

Western Ontario area 86

Oregon (58)

A.A. Information and Service for the Oregon Area (58).

Pennsylvania / Eastern (59)

This is the official website of Eastern Pennsylvania General Service Area 59-Alcoholics Anonymous

Pennsylvania / Western Area 60

Welcome to the Western Pennsylvania Area 60 Website. We hope your visit will be a pleasant one.

Pennsylvania Area 60

Welcome to the Western Pennsylvania Area 60 Website. We hope your visit will be a pleasant one.

Puerto Rico area 77

Puerto Rico Area 77

Quebec /SW, SE, NW, NE (87, 88, 89, 90)

Quebec General Service Areas 87, 88, 89, and 90.

Rhode Island (61)

Includes meetings by day of week (some meetings in Massachusetts and Connecticut), convention and assembly info, birthdays and service opportunities.

Saskatchewan area (91)

Saskatchewan area 91

South Carolina (62)

South Carolina Area web site. Events, links, newsletter.

South Dakota (63)

Statewide meeting info for Area 63 South Dakota. Also: events calendar and newsletter.

Tennessee (64)

The Area 64 Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous shall always be a service body and shall protect and respect the autonomy and the privilege of dissent of all A.A. groups in General Service Conference Area 64

Texas / Northeast (65)

The purpose of our website is to: Preserve the Spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous by; Facilitating the Alcoholics Anonymous groups of NETA Area 65 to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the still-suffering alcoholic. ■To facilitate communication among General Service Representatives (GSRs), District Committee Members (DCMs), Standing Committee Officers, and Area Officers ■To improve an understanding of the workings of NETA Area 65 in order to encourage participation in service work.

Texas / Northwest (66)

Meeting directory, maps and other information.

Texas / Northwest Texas (66)

Meetings and office locations for northwest Texas: Amarillo, Andrews, Borger, Brownfield, Canadian, Canyon, Clarendon, Crane, Dalhart, Denver City, Dumas, El Paso, Floydada, Hereford, Higgins, Kermit, Levelland, Littlefield, Lorenzo, Lubbock, McCamey, Memphis, Midland, Monahans, Moore County, Morton, Odessa, Pampa, Panhandle, Pecos, Plainview, Perryton, Sanford, Seminole, Slaton, Spearman, Stratford, Tri-City - Borger, Tulia

Texas / Southeast Texas (67)

Maintained by the Southeast Texas Area Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous--Area 67--for the purpose of dispersing information pertinent to service work within the area to the GSR's, committee members, officers and other interested alcoholics.

Texas / Southwest (68)

Southwest Texas Area 68 was formed in the early 1950s and has had a participating delegate since Panel 2 of the General Service Conference in 1952. Extending from Del Rio and Ozona on the West, to Wharton and Giddings on the East and from Coleman and Brownwood on the North and Brownsville on the South does and will continue to function as a Service body

Utah (69)

Meeting directory, area newsletters, etc.

Vermont (70)

Statewide meetings lists, events, and basic AA information.

Virginia (71)

Statewide meeting list, events calendar, links.

Washington / Western Washington (72)

General Service web site for Western Washington Area 72.

Washington State / East (92)

Area 92 Info, Fellowship Events, Area Officers, and Meeting Schedules.

West Virginia (73)

Clickable map for statewide meetings. Also includes events.

Wisconsin (Northern) / Upper Pen. Michigan (74)

Area 74 includes the northern-half of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Wisconsin / Southern Wisconsin (75)

The purpose of this Web Site is to help the still suffering alcoholic by carrying the message of recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) to the general public and to provide information regarding events, meetings, workshops, conferences and other matters of importance to recovering alcoholics in southern Wisconsin. It is our hope that through this Web Site alcoholics may be assisted in developing face-to-face contact with one another.

Wyoming (76)

Links to home pages for a few of the 12 districts in the state and links on neighboring states.

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