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Telephone Meetings

Holiday Group

The Holiday Group of Alcoholics Anonymous meets ONLY on holdays. We are a telephone meeting. 8AM Pacific / 11AM Eastern: Open meeting Tel: 712-432-3900 Access Code: 283535# ..We follow the primary puropse and 12 traditions of A.A. This is a topic meeting. Our hope is to give alcoholics a place to go on holidays when things might be tough, and also to have members be there for them in their time of need.

Listing of Telephone Meetings

Listing of Telephone Meetings at OIAA

One day at a time AA Telephone Meeting

We meet by telephone every day at 1pm EST. Join us by calling: (712) 775-7031 access code 198520# ... Mon - Traditions ... Tues - Daily Reflections ... Wed - Steps ... Thurs- Stories in the Big Book ... Fri - Big Book ... Sat - Speaker/Discussion ... Sun - Living Sober ... Long distance charges may apply depending on your plan.

Rule 62 Telephone Big Book Study

"Rule 62" is a Big Book study that takes place 5 days a week Monday - Friday. We meet from 6pm-7pm EST / 3pm-4pm Pacific. Open meeting. Our hope is to study the book Alcoholics Anonymous that contains AA’s steps and way of life. For questions, please contact *The phone call is a regular long distance charge... Number: 712-432-3900...
Access Code: 494179#

Sober Voices Group

The meetings are open to everyone, especially new comers and our fellows with accessibility and special needs, those in remote areas and anyone else who cannot make it to a meeting. Phone Meeting: Number is (712) 432-0075 access code 654443# ... meets everyday at noon and 10 pm and midnight Saturdays and Sundays Eastern

Tuesday Noon (EST) AA Phone Meeting

Tuesday Noon 12-Step Conference Call; Try out a Telephone A.A. Meeting! Time: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 @ 12 Noon to 1 PM EST; Call in #: 605-313-5111 (free call)Access code: 513710# :: Mute your own cell phones, or mute (*6 or unmute *6) for landline phones. We Open with the Serenity Prayer. Leader reads the AA Preamble. Volunteer #1. to Read “How it Works”, Speaker will talk for 10-15 minutes. Then there will be Open Sharing time, appx. six (5 min.) shares. Volunteer #2. to Read “The Promises”. We close with The Lord’s Prayer. Stay on the line if you would like to volunteer to read at future meetings.

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