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Being Sober on My Daughter's Fifth Birthday: The Best Gift Ever

K. Kaye, Oklahoma

I have been terribly busy getting ready for winter here on this
Oklahoma ranch. The most important preparation I have been working on
is staying SOBER.

Yep, I'm tooting my own horn.

I'm beginning Day 112 SOBER.

I never thought I could do it.

I never WANTED to do it.

Every day brings good things, and even horrible things, but, I'm
really handling all things SOBER, and it's amazing.

Yesterday, our "baby", the youngest of seven children, celebrated her
fifth birthday.  This day brought special meaning to selfish me. This
is her first birthday that I was sober for.   Her  first birthday I
was in a rehab center.  Her second and third birthdays, I was just too
drunk to plan anything for her. Her 4th birthday, I was so hung over I
slept in the car at the park where we had her birthday party. I told
everyone I must have strep throat. Ha.... I bet they knew better.

Well, yesterday on her 5th birthday, I was SOBER.  Her party was
simple. I made a cake from a box, and got a few gifts. My Mom came to
the ranch, my 18 year old came home from college for the evening, and
I went to my AA meeting at 7 p.m. and was back home by 8:30 to enjoy
her simple birthday party.  I know my family was wondering why I was
leaving with them all there.....But, honestly... with knowing all day
that I had my fellowship with my AA friends, kept me sober yesterday.
Pure and simple.

I did not stress to try to make this a perfect birthday party for a 5
year old. I opened a few bags of chips, started a frozen pizza, kissed
everyone good by, and walked out the door to AA. The drive was
relaxing, peaceful, and sober. I did it. I talked to my HP on the
drive and BAM... Another sober day. I know that is the best birthday
gift I could have given her. But, most importantly, that was the best
gift I've ever given MYSELF.

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